Letter from Ty Marsh
Embracing the Digital Age

For many years, SWACO has published its annual Community Impact Report as an effective way of informing our stakeholders, and the public, about our performance the previous year. We have always produced the report as a printed piece distributed through the mail or with the local newspaper.

This year, however, we realized it was time to go digital. For starters, most people get their news and information online using digital devices such as tablets, mobile phones, smart watches and laptop computers. So it made sense for us to connect with our audiences using a method they're familiar and comfortable with.

The most important factor behind the change is that it aligns with our mission. SWACO's purpose is to reduce our reliance on the landfill through effective waste reduction, recycling and disposal. What better way to support this goal than by reducing the amount of paper we use in our daily operations?

We were, at first, a little hesitant to embrace the idea of producing the Community Impact Report in a digital format. But it didn't take long to realize that creating a digital report makes sense for any organization, but especially for one like SWACO that's committed to minimizing waste and reducing our impact on the environment.

We're proud to introduce our first-ever digital version of our annual Community Impact Report. This report uses animation, videos and interactive features to tell the story of SWACO's impact on Central Ohio in 2018.


Ty Marsh
Executive Director