Community Partnerships
Helping Advance the Sustainability Goals of Schools, Nonprofits and Local Events
School Education Assistance Program
SWACO convened representatives from a variety of schools and school districts, including Columbus School for Girls, Columbus City Schools, Hilliard City Schools, South-Western City Schools and Upper Arlington City Schools, to form the SWACO Education Design Group. The group helped SWACO identify priorities and strategies for effective and sustainable waste reduction and diversion programs in schools. The group also helped SWACO develop what will become our new School Recycling Program, which will include activities and resources specific to student instruction and staff training on the diversion of recyclable materials.

Community Waste Reduction Grants Projects
2018 Grant Recipients
SWACO's Community Waste Reduction Grant Program provides nonprofits, parks, schools, government entities and other eligible organizations with financial support for waste reduction and materials diversion efforts. In 2018, SWACO partnered with 11 grant recipients to help them establish innovative and sustainable waste reduction and diversion programs and activities.
Arts and College Preparatory Academy
City of Hilliard
Franklin County Public Health
Franklinton Farms

11 grants awarded in 2018 totaling more than $133,000

Franklinton Cycle Works

Hilliard City Schools
Mid-Ohio Foodbank
New Albany High School
Otterbein University
Summer Jam West
Event Waste Reduction Grant Program
SWACO has an Event Waste Reduction Grant Program to help local event organizers reduce event-generated waste and divert as much as possible from the landfill. In 2018, SWACO awarded three Event Waste Reduction Grants:


Columbus Underground's 2018 CoffeeFest received grant funding to purchase reusable mugs, glasses and water jugs. The two-day event in September attracted 3,200 guests, exhibitors and volunteers. Switching from disposable to reusable containers diverted more than 18,000 polystyrene and paper cups from the landfill. In addition, more than 350 pounds of coffee grounds were composted!

The Greater Columbus Convention Center used its grant to purchase 40 durable recycling containers for the collection and recycling of bottles, cans, paper and cardboard at events held in the convention center, beginning with the Women's Final Four in March 2018.
To implement recycling and food waste composting at its spring and fall community events, Franklinton Farms used its grant to purchase recycling containers for the collection of bottles and cans, and composting containers for the collection and composting of food waste and paper products. Franklinton Farms collected 50 pounds of recyclable materials and 1,675 pounds of food waste at the two events.
Learn more about our Event Waste Reduction Grant

Three grants totaling more than $8,000
Container Loan Program
SWACO's Container Loan Program helped organizers of 11 local events properly collect and divert recyclable and compostable materials in 2018.

• Women's Final Four tree planting

• Land-Grant Brewery events

• Columbus Arts Festival

• German Village Society's Haus und Garten Tour

• Smart Columbus' grand opening of the Experience Center

• Doo Dah Parade

• Summer Jam West Hilltop Rising event

• CD102.5 For the Kids fundraiser

• Redbud Hinterhof Party

• Lesbians Benefiting the Arts event

• Grove City Turkey Wattle

The events were:
Learn more about our Container Loan Program